Plum and Get It Jam by Jamnation

Plum and Get It Jam by Jamnation

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Intensely fruity, Flavor King pluots are kissed with honeysuckle for a taste of childhood.

Our aptly named Flavor King pluots come from a family-run organic orchard near Chico. They have a rich, sweet flavor and a sensational bouquet. This hybrid of 70% plum and 30% apricots provides the perfectly balanced blend of honeyed fruit and slightly tart skins for our tangy/sweet Plum and Get It.

Our honeysuckle flowers are from China. It has a tender and delicate flavor, floral and honey-like as one might imagine. If you ever tasted honeysuckle nectar from a flower as a child, this is it!  The honeysuckle lends a soft, sweet element to the slightly tart pluots, producing a surprisingly rich taste experience.

Debra Dickinson, Sales Manager at Tomales Bay Food, observes that:  “When the wedge of Mt Tam is drizzled in Pluot and Honeysuckle flowers, the best of both burst through. The Plum and Get It jumps on the dense cream of the Mt Tam Paste…’’  Another great marriage of flavors occurs in Plum and Get It Chocolate and Walnut Torte.

Size:  5oz

Ingredients: organic pluots, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemons, organic honeysuckle flowers


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