"Money Maker" Savings Box by Winged Camel

  • $290.00

This piece is not guaranteed to make you money but it can help you save some in a fun way! The tiny, cast, sterling silver figures are trying to move around real US currency in hopes that you'll add some of your own.

The ladder is fabricated from sterling silver and the body of the bank is copper. Coins and bills may be inserted into a slot on the top of the bank and a cover plate may be removed for access to your cash. The entire piece is immersed in a liquid sulfurated potash solution to produce a dark patina and once dry, it is waxed and the coins and figures are polished.

Dimensions: 4.5″H, 3″W, 3″D

This is just one of many items on display from Winged Camel at our brick and mortar space in downtown Culver City.  Please visit us on Main Street or call 310-836-4600.

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