"The Next Chapter" Candle Snuffer by Winged Camel

  • $140.00

A candle snuffer with the theme of books, this piece will make a  perfect gift for the book lover in your life. The snuffer bell is copper  with a brass stem. Two sterling silver figures are reading books on the  handle. The entire piece is colored with a liver of sulfur patina which  is then waxed to produce a permanent finish. Excess wax may be removed  with warm water. Each piece is made entirely by hand. Variations in  patina and figure placement are considered normal.   

Dimensions: 2″H, 1″W, 10″D

This is just one of many items on display from Winged Camel at our brick and mortar space in downtown Culver City.  Please visit us on Main Street or call 310-836-4600.

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