Inspired by creativity and service and rooted in community, Gratitude Market proudly re-opened in October 2020, offering the beautiful artisanal gifts you've seen before at The Whole 9 Gallery, plus artisanal bread, cheese and specialty foods.

All sales at Gratitude Market help fund Gratitude Food Pantry, which is located on-site and is open to the community -- both to partake of the offerings and to contribute to them, helping to ensure that our neighbors have enough to eat.

Gratitude Food Pantry is a direct result of the food distribution The Whole 9 Gallery and our non-profit, The Peace Project, implemented for four months during Covid -- with the help of our supporters and the local community, we distributed nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of food to local families and individuals who needed a helping hand.

We're thrilled to continue to inspire others to believe that coming together in creativity and community can create change far greater than most people imagine.

We look forward to welcoming you in our new space.


Through creativity and community, we can change the world.