2012 Vision of Peace: Mindless Monk

2012 Vision of Peace: Mindless Monk

  • $100.00

12" x 12" fine art print on wood panel, finished with a UV coating. This image is by artist, Karin Lisa Atkinson from the 2012 Peace Project exhibit. Usage rights donated by artist so that ALL proceeds can be used to change lives through The Peace Project's initiatives.

Description from the artist regarding their vision of peace:
I photographed this Monk in Beijing 1989 after the Tiananmen Square protests abruptly ended - to me he appeared headless, mindless and peace less. In 1989 each citizen of Beijing was individually engaged creating inner peace within, during a time of Martial Law. Self-reconciliation required self-recognition, while living in a community sharing a common unity of desiring peace. Self-healing was being acted out in all ways and means, in every aspect of everyday life. From farmer's markets to the school rooms, each individual sought peace and held peace dearly, daily renewing the recognition that peace awards a miraculous sense of balance within the heart and minds of each sentient being.

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