2017 Vision of Peace: Breath is Life

2017 Vision of Peace: Breath is Life

  • $100.00

12" x 12" fine art print printed directly onto wood panel, finished with a UV coating.   Usage rights donated by artist so that ALL proceeds can be used to change lives through Peace Project initiatives.  Panel can be hung on the wall or comes with a small stand to display on a table, desk, etc.

Artist: Jen Ditchik

Vision of Peace: Meditation is a daily practice that I hold dear to my heart. The breath is my foundation. This allows me to bring peace and unity to my awakened life.

I shot this Buddha when I was visiting Hsi Lai Temple. It represents the stillness and strength which bring unity to our collective conscious. I strive to be an example of light to all I come in contact with. Whether it's family, friends, co-workers or complete strangers.

We are all connected - every single soul.

Breath is Life.

**Hsi Lai Temple is a mountain monastery in the northern Puente Hills, Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles County, California. Completed in 1988, it is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the Western Hemisphere. The name "Hsi Lai" means Coming West.

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