2017 Vision of Peace: Galactic Starseed Goddess

2017 Vision of Peace: Galactic Starseed Goddess

  • $100.00

12" x 12" fine art print printed directly onto wood panel, finished with a UV coating.   Usage rights donated by artist so that ALL proceeds can be used to change lives through Peace Project initiatives.  Panel can be hung on the wall or comes with a small stand to display on a table, desk, etc.

Artist: Tiffany Davis-Rustam

Vision of Peace: The Galactic Starseed Goddess embodies inner peace for the individual as she meditates so deeply that she travels through her mind into space, surrounded by the brilliance of her light body as a merkaba, with her Kundalini energy spiraling up the center of her being, into her very DNA.
I believe World Peace has to start with individual inner peace, which over time increases awareness and respect for all other beings, and then the collective consciousness will shift, leading to the end of war and greater respect for all of humanity.

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