Celestial Bar Green Onyx Necklace by Sarah DeAngelo

Celestial Bar Green Onyx Necklace by Sarah DeAngelo

  • $150.00

The wonder of the moon and stars. A rich green onyx fringe dangles from a delicately stamped silver bar. The mixed metals add such a beautiful contrast. Chain measures 18-19” with lobster clasp and adjustable length chain closure. Sterling silver, which has been oxidized and hand polished for an antique finish and 14k gold. 

About Onyx:  The name onyx originates from the Greek word onyx for "fingernail" or "hoof," probably because of its weak transparency or possibly its color.   Onyx is one of the 12 stones mentioned in the Bible as adorning the breastplate of the high priests.  The ancient Greeks and Romans used onyx for cameos and intaglios, and in India, onyx was worn for protecting against the evil eye.   In the Middle East, onyx was used as a worry stone because people believed the gemstone absorbed negative energy — a belief that may have been produced by the Chinese miners who feared it and pulled the material out of the mine to immediately sell outside the country.  The main sources of onyx are India and South America, but it is also found in China, Madagascar, Mexico and the U.S.A.

About 14k gold fill: 14K gold filled wire is a professional jewelers grade wire.  Gold filled wire is not plated. It is a tube of solid 14K gold mechanically bonded to a brass or silver base. There is 100 times more gold in gold filled than in gold plate wire. This layer of gold must be a minimum of 1/20th of the total metal weight to be called gold filled. The color looks exactly like 14k gold.  It is tarnish-resistant, safe for sensitive skin and unlike gold plate, it will not wear off. It is a great way to enjoy affordable gold jewelry.

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