Gourmet Fruit Vinegars by Apero

Gourmet Fruit Vinegars by Apero

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A collection of all 3 of Apero's delicious fruit vinegars; Balsamic Fig, Blackberry Roasted Pepper, and classic Balsamic, all nestled in a decorative box including tasting notes and pairing suggestions.


Made from premium fruit wines and infused with fresh fig extract.  This balsamic vinegar is a perfect combination of sweet and acid on the palate, with fragrant and fruity notes.  Add a splash to Greek yogurt and enjoy with fresh fruit, create a specialty cocktail, salad dressing, or drizzle over caramelized onions and grilled pork.
5% Acidity - Bottled in Dayton, OR.


This gourmet vinegar is crisp, sweet and punchy, yet delicate, lending itself to many dishes.  Blend with our Extra Virgin Olive Oils for a wonderful salad dressing, create a specialty dessert sauce. Bottled in Dayton, OR.                                                                                             


Aged in Modena, Italy for 8 years and bottled at the Durant Olive Mill.
A bright, ripe fruit flavor profile that is sweet and tart with a slightly caramelized finish.  Pairs beautifully with our Extra Virgin Olive Oils for creating wonderful salad dressings, for dipping bread or pouring over aged cheddar cheese as an appetizer.
4% Acidity - Bottled in Dayton, OR.

  • Box includes 3, handmade small batch 50 ml bottles of fruit vinegar
  • Women Owned
  • Eco Friendly 

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