Razzle Bazzle Jam by Jamnation

Razzle Bazzle Jam by Jamnation

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This is a luscious jam:  tangy, sweet Josephine raspberries are infused with the brightness of fresh basil for a uniquely delicious spread.

It turns out there are at least five kinds of raspberries; and all five were tested for this recipe.  The tarter Josephine is the only one that really sings in combination with basil, creating an intensely flavored blend   Our organic Josephine raspberries come from a sustainable family farm near Watsonville, CA, which uses beneficial insects for pest control (like: ladybugs!).

Our fresh organic Holy basil comes from a farm in Capay Valley that is committed to sustainability both in its farming and labor practices. The basil adds depth and contrast to our Razzle Bazzle jam.

From Waldemar Albrecht, former Cheese Specialist at Cheese Plus:  “the creaminess and lemony tang from Kenne is brought to a new level with the bold flavors in the jam". This same jam flexes its muscles in our recipe for Razzle Bazzle Meatballs.

Size:  5oz

Ingredients: organic raspberries, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic basil


This is just one of many delicious treats we have from Jamnation at our bricks and mortar gallery in downtown Culver City.  Please visit us on Main Street or call 310-836-4600. All purchases at Gratitude Market help fund Gratitude Food Pantry and transform lives through ThePeaceProject.com