Reliquary Boxes by Grace Gunning

  • $94.00

Reliquary Boxes have an ancient mystical quality with a modern edge. The rich feel of copper gives a warmth either in your hand or in any décor. Mystics feel copper connects energy of the spirit and we know scientifically it conducts electricity and heat better than any metal. These boxes, made by Grace Gunning are interactive and are perfect for jewelry or other small treasures. Gunning uses antique hand run metal forming machines to cut and bend this amiable metal. Using traditional metal techniques that are almost forgotten, Gunning works to hold her objects of affection and your memories.

  • Feather and Arrow boxes are 1"H x 3.75"W x 2.25"L
  • Bee and Butterfly boxes are 1.25"H x 3"W x 2.75"L


This is just one of many items on display from Rustic Arts at our bricks and mortar space in downtown Culver City.  Please visit us on Main Street or call 310-836-4600.

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