February 8 - March 17, Hindsight is 2020

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Exhibit runs through March 10


On November 8, 2016, many of us woke up dismayed and incredulous -- after three years of Trump and the vulgarity, lack of humanity and ignorance he brings to the presidency, for most of us, these feelings have intensified.

While climate change is becoming real in ways we could never have imagined, the US threatens another war in the Middle East, and others in America, at our borders and around the world are suffering so badly, an ever growing contingent of Americans are waking up to the reality that we have immense power to create change if we take action.

"Hindsight is 2020" is an exhibit that celebrates our collective power to look back and then look forward to this year's election where we have another chance to lift someone into the White House who will work and speak for everyone including the most vulnerable and marginalized in the US and around the world.

"Hindsight is 2020" is a call to VOTE and an acknowledgement of the work that has been done to protect our democracy by so many since 2016.  It is a celebration of the millions of people who have supported Bernie Sanders and the incredible ways they have stepped up, tirelessly and with conviction, bringing us to this point where we have a real chance to lift Bernie into the White House and, together, create systemic change that will enable more people to have safety, security, higher education, healthcare, and a healthy planet.

Join us on February 8 from 6-10pm for this event where we'll reveal art from justice-loving artists as well as unveil our "We are #bernie2020" exhibit which features photos of supporters from across the country and around the world, plus important Bernie Sanders icons, photos and historical information.  The night will also include music by DJ Brutha Gimel and Skinny Tubs, spoken word performances, nibbles and festive beverages.

The exhibit will be up through March 10 -- we look forward to welcoming you into the gallery during that time.

Parking is available at valet stations in Downtown Culver City as well as at The Trader Joe's lot at Venice & Culver and the lot at Cardiff & Culver where it's free for the first hour and $1 per 30 minutes thereafter.

All events at The Whole 9 Gallery are family friendly and all art sales help to fund the life-changing work of our non-profit, The Peace Project -- so consider taking home a piece of art for your walls!

Together we prove:

"Art changes people and people change the world."

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