Taste of the Holy Land

  • $150.00

The Holy Land reaches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea with both Palestine and Israel traditionally being included.

For this package, we invite you to step into Palestine where people live from the land, and their love for it runs deep. Olive trees grace hillsides, providing a major agricultural crop and a symbol of Palestinian’s nationality and connection to the land.

Canaan Fair Trade was founded to preserve Palestinians’ heritage of nurturing the land – they currently work with over 2,000 families across the West Bank, encouraging sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices. Their products are made and packaged with care and taste of the richness of this storied land.

This package supports the future of Palestine as well as the opening of Gratitude Market. Purchase it and receive the following bounty:

  • Rumi Olive Oil
  • Wild Caper & Olive Tapenade
  • Wild Caper & Tomato Tapenade
  • Za-atar, a spice used in Palestinian cooking or mixed with oil for dipping
  • Baladi Cook Book, laden with easy recipes that reveal the beauty of Palestinian food & culture
  • Garbanzo Beans & Tahini to make Lisa’s favorite Palestinian Hummus (recipe included!)
  • Ceramic Dipping Bowl
  • Olive Wood Appetizer Tray

We'll ship this to you, or you may pick this up at Gratitude Market after October 1.


Gratitude Market is inspired by the work we've done with the worldwide community of artists thru TheWhole9.com and The Peace Project, as well as the local community of Culver City, our home for our various businesses since 2000. Our goal continues to be to build community -- both locally and globally -- and to be a part of both the special and everyday moments of our community in a way that inspires and creates positive change.

At Gratitude Market, we'll provide an expanded offering of artisanal gifts, as well as artisanal bread, cheese and specialty foods from around the world.  We'll season all of this with suggestions, recipes and menus -- given with love and the desire to help our neighbors connect and share beautiful things and delicious food with their families and loved ones.  An on-site food pantry will be funded by profits at Gratitude Market and supported by the local community and will provide high quality food for our neighbors in need.

Everything we do, we do with love and gratitude.  We hope you'll join us.