Vanilla Cinnamon Granola Bites from Lark Ellen Farm

Vanilla Cinnamon Granola Bites from Lark Ellen Farm

  • $9.50

Sprouted nuts and seeds are mixed with cinnamon, organic maple syrup and pure vanilla extract to create a versatile, downright addictive grain-free granola. We dare you to not eat the whole bag!

Vegan, gran-free, gluten-free, sprouted, plant-based.

Located in the scenic mountains of Southern California, Lark Ellen Farm is nestled in the beautiful Ojai Valley.  It's a small farm where chickens roam free, and fruit, vegetables and herbs grow in abundance.  It is in this setting where a commitment to good health prevails, that their signature Grain Free Granola was created.

This is just one of many delicious treats we have at our bricks and mortar space in downtown Culver City.  Please visit us on Main Street or call 310-836-4600. All purchases at Gratitude Market help fund Gratitude Food Pantry and transform lives through