2011 Vision of Peace: Dear Stranger

2011 Vision of Peace: Dear Stranger

  • $100.00

12" x 12" fine art print on wood panel, finished with a UV coating.  This image is by artist, Bridget Barkin from the 2011 Peace Project exhibit.  Usage rights donated by artist so that ALL proceeds can be used to change lives through The Peace Project's initiatives.

Description from artist regarding their vision of Peace:  I conceived of this photo art piece, a staged love riot, after I wrote a song called "Dear Stranger" which was inspired by an experience I had with a stranger in my hometown of New York City.  Since that experience I have made it one of my projects in life to meet and write about strangers I meet around the world.  They share their stories of heartbreak, overcoming their past pain and their wish for the world.  The more people I meet, the more I realize how similar we all are in our common struggles and desire for peace and love.  It has become a movement and a way of living that I wish our world community could learn from, by seeing all strangers as our friends and family, with love in our hearts before judgements, assumptions and prejudices.  I believe if we all lived in each others shoes more often it would be a better world.

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